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Welcome to our Konaka-Residence. We are located near Daitokuji and Golden Pavilion in the heart of Japanese Culture.
Our district is called Murasakino. (means Violet filed) where really Kyoto inside. You can enjoy visiting lots of small temples and shrines by foot or by bicycles or city bus very easily.

Once you arrive our house. You are already member of our family but we respect your privacy. We let you your own room key like hotel, your own individual room is located in 3rd floor,You can use 2nd and 3rd floor of the house as families. Kitchen, Toilets, Bathrooms….The family live 1st and floors, off course if you need our help, we are always available your questions and needs. so you are not alone but you are not all the time with family. We don’t prepare your meals, but we are always with you. We call it INDEPENDANT HOME STAY. We are very pleased host you.

Calligraph Class 
is available!
Shiatsu course 
is held by a qualified Japanese Health Minister