Depachika Gourmet

Depachika = depa (short for depaato, or department store) + chika (basement)



Why is there a Japanese word for ‘department-store basement’?
Step into one and you’ll immediately comprehend the import of such a word.

Where  is some of the best food in the world can be had and at fairly reasonable prices, usually, sold by weights by 100g.These immaculate shrines to consumption contain all manner of raw and prepared foods, ranging from fresh baby sardines on ice to delicately scented lavender-and-vanilla macarons. Shoppers could spend a fortune on the finest shade-grown green tea from Fukuoka and seasonally-themed wagashi (traditional Japanese sweets), or simply roam the maze of shops for a feast of the visual variety.


depachika cake


Salades, Kobe beefs, Precious Japanese Teas, Japanese Chic Cakes, European chocolatier and patisserie from France, Italy etc.

It is not as you imagine like European Market. Depachika Foods courts is selling only ready to eat foods.

Department stores here offer wonderful services like those of a high-class hotel. To begin, there are beautiful young women at the information counter to welcome you. Sales clerks are well-mannered, too, so that you do not have to be scared of being pushed to buy goods. I strongly recommend you to use the spotless bathroom at a department store. Many of them also have a dressing table.

Whether you have small children or not, visit the children’s section for a look at the “baby salon”. This unique depaato facility, just for shoppers with infants, has curtained booths for breast-feeding, cribs for diaper-changing, and even a small cafeteria that serves only baby food!

Time your visit for the hour before closing – usually around 8pm – when prices are significantly slashed on everything from packaged sushi to perfectly ripe Asian pears. Or simply stop in to goggle at the artistically arranged counter displays and nibble at the samples.


JR Kyoto Isetan
access: west side of JR Kyoto Station
open:10 am – 8 pm
telephone: 075-352-1111

Daimaru Kyoto
access: 1 min. walk from Karasuma Station of Hankyu-line
2 min. walk from Shijo Station of Kyoto Subway
open: 10 pm – 8 pm
telephone: 075-211-8111

Takashimaya English Speaking
access: beside Kawaramachi Station of Hankyu-line
5 mins. walk from Keihan-Shijo Station of Keihan-line
open: 10 pm – 8 pm
telephone: 075-221-8811

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