What’s kinds of gifts for Japanese friends?

Recently I am asked the same questions by several peoples who are going to Japan this spring.

“What’s kinds of gifts for my Japanese host mother? or Japanese kind friends?”

This question is very interesting. I could not say immediately what the japanese expecting from you as a gifts.
As you know, the Japanese like changing Gifts, mean, of course, give and offer gift is part of their life even it is unexpected days, time, occasions. In the office, each time, returning to the business trip, the japanese businessman distribute small package of OMIYAGE (souvenir) of sweets or something to his colleagues. It is sign of thank you for keeping the office while he was out. It is kind of tradition,

So now I found the great site for you. You will understand what kinds of gifts are good for your japanese friends:


スクリーンショット(2013-03-30 23.03.11)スクリーンショット(2013-03-30 23.03.39)Gift from China


(As you know, Japan import plenty of things from all over the country, even the small chocolatelie of Aix en Provence are imported)

If you are from

Germany- Germain Sausage, Pretzel
French- Mt.Sain Michel Gallet , Tour effel key folder
American-American pakaged chocolate
Chinese-Panda packaged sweets
Korean-Korean Seaweeds
Singaporean-Marlions cookies….etc

Bring small souvenir  is question of politeness in japan anyway.





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