How to connect Starbucks wifi in Japan

As you know, in japan, Zone Wifi is Not free…

It is hopeless for traveler for a week staying in Japan. Maybe it is better to ask your hotels or where you stay. They can offer free wifi code. But to find wifi free area in the city is not easy things. Maybe there is some big stations in big cities like Tokyo, Osaka, but in Kyoto..but outside is Hopeless.

There is some good news for travelers in Kyoto in next year or later..

Even this hopeless situation, our STARBUKS can help us to connect WIFI free by your computer or smartphone, iPhone.

Here is the instructions. (Please read carefully to get how to get use wifi free in Starbucks in japan.)

1 ) Access to ‘Sign in‘ page. Attention!!! You should this first registration not using starbucks wifi. It is very important.

2) Then you receive confirmation mail, then it will be ACTIVE. but people say ‘iPod touch’ is out of service. iPad is OK.

Again, Registration must be completed outside connection of starbucks. You can not connect starbucks wifi free zone without registration.

Then you can get into Starbucks wifi zone.

3) Please check which store has wifi free. But pages are written only in Japanese…

Pour visiteur du japon, a trouver une zone wifi-gratuit n’est pas très très facile. Même chez Macdo n’est pas gratuit pour wifi. (payent, abonnement ), Aux chez Starbuck, Wifi gratuit, mais Attention! L’inscription doit fini avant que vous le utilisez premier fois.

Attention: You can not access registration pages without ID and password at Starbucks wifi. so YOU MUST REGISTER BEFORE YOU ARRIVE AT STARBUCKS FIRST USE TIME.


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