Michelin Japan west (Kyoto) 2013


Michelin has announced its selections for the 2013 guide to western Japan (that’s Kyoto, Kobe, Osaka, and Nara). There are 12 three-stars, down from 15 last year, 51 two-stars, and a whopping 210 with the one-star designation.

I always wonder the crieterition of juries of Michelin, some are very astonishing for Kyotoites. (Kyotoite says, to be kyotoite, you should be at kyoto for at least 3 generations)

Our big surprise is one of our neighbors sobaya (noodle restaurant) is chosen this year. (not the star, but it is listed)

Unfortunately I have bit allergic against buckwheat and oysters, so I can’t tell you comments. but You can go just for the lunch by feet from the our house. Please enjoy being in KYOTO!!!

[gview file=”http://konaka-residence.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/MICHELIN-Guide-Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe-Nara-2013-Selection-List.pdf”]

En Francaise….


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