Geiko (Geisha) Spring Dance


More than any other place in Japan, Kyoto is known for Maiko( under 20 years old) et Geiko (Over) : Gion,Pontocho,Miyagawacho and Kamishichi ken. Japan’s best known geisha quarters, lie within the old capital’s boundaries, and exclusive tea houses are tucked in amongst the houses and restaurants of Kyoto’s more traditional areas.

Though visiting a tea house is traditionally very difficult without an invitation, The districts put on public dance displays every spring and summer, giving visitors an excellent chance to witness the skill and grace of some of Kyoto’s best performing artists.

This is a performance of the Kamishichiken-kabukai. The rehearsal club that used to meet at Iwagami-za Theater at Kamidachiuri-Seifuku – ji Temple moved to the Kitano Club in 1902. This performance was officially begun jointly in 1952 by the Kitano Club and the Mando Club in commemoration of the 1,050th anniversary of Kitano Tenman-gu Shrine. The performance excels from the fact that it is both elite and tasteful!


    I recommend this Quarter rather than others, it is quite authentic. Nothing like Touristic!! Of course Gion is also magnifique!!!

Kitano Odori 北野をどり
Date 25/3-7/4 2013 Every day
Hours 13h30- 16h-
Tarif 4500yen with tea and japanese sweets 4000yen without tea and sweets
Tel 075 461 0148
Place 上七軒歌舞練場 Kamishichiken Kaburen jo


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