How to move around japan by train?

How to get famous koya-san from Kyoto?

Actually you have about 3.5 hrs (it is longer than  Kyoto-Tokyo shinkansen)
Check the following sites for travel times in English (You can check these site by subways JR private lines …)

Japan, there is not only JR lines (public), is mobbed by lots of private lines around big city area.

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Jordan Norikae Japanese Train Route Finder

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You need to add about 30 minutes for a bus ride at the top of Koyasan to get into town. There will be buses waiting at the cable car station. (usually this connection is quite smooth) When leaving Koyasan, catch a cab or take bus (please check bus time schedule when you take a walk on sky city koya san).It is better to sleep there if you have chance to have hotel or shukubo. or leaving Koyasan to direct to Airport Kansai…


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