The most beautiful villages in Japan

The Association of The Most Beautiful Villages in Japan (「日本で最も美しい村」連合 Nihon de mottomo utsukushii mura-rengō?) is a NPO of some of the most beautiful villages and towns in Japan. The association is active on enhancement and protection of Japanese rural heritage, cultural fairs & branding and promotion of regional, national and international cooperation of its member villages and towns.

Established in 2005 this organisation is an important player in the enhancement and protection of Japanese rural heritage. In line with the other members such as France, Italy, Belgium of the federation of The Most Beautiful Villages on Earth, Japan has common interest: authenticity, quality and presentation of the heritage as a source of sustainable development and life. Activities of the association include managing the rights of the use of the title name “the most beautiful villages in Japan” and its branding, providing common research and study platform to the member towns and villages for development and cooperation, conducting rural crafts show and food fairs for tourism development, annual photo contests and advocating social awareness about the supreme importance of the rural cultural heritage for its preservation for the future generations.
Unlike the French association (The Most Beautiful Villages Associations of France) which has membership validity structure on certain terms, member of the Japanese association does not have periodic censorship for validity.

The site is written only in Japanese but you can check by the map. Enjoy Deep Japan!


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