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sakataruKyoto is rich city, as Kyoto has been in capital of Japan over 1200 years, Kyoto is the center of culture as culinary and brewery. (Actually it is not brewery, it is fermentation like wine)

Fushimi is an area that lies to the south of Kyoto city. There are various sightseeing spots like Fushimi Inari shrine, where one of the most famous for sake breweries area in Japan. sake brewing developed because of its good spring water and water transportation…


Travel by train from Kyoto to Inari, where you will find some of the best sake in the country. Start with a small walking tour of the Fushimi Inari Shrine, dedicated to the god of rice. The temple is famous for the thousands of brightly painted red torii (gates) that frame the pathways into the forest. The Fushimi Inari Shrine is also a place where locals come to seek blessings for prosperity. Those who have received good fortune return and place torii, which are inscribed with their thanks.

Next, make your way by train to a sake brewery to learn the secrets of this popular Japanese drink. In traditional Japanese life, sake has an important place at festivals, ceremonies and rituals. Depending upon the combination of water, malt, yeast and steamed rice, sake has a very distinctive aroma and a fruity sweet taste. Just as it takes a special kind of grape to produce a good wine, making excellent sake requires the use of a special type of rice, usually with high starch content.

Tour the Gekkeikan Okura Memorial Hall and learn the history of sake. Wander the museum and see the tools used in sake production, before sampling three different kinds of sake from sweet to dry. Then walk a short distance to a small liquor store specializing in over 80 kinds of sake. Take a seat at the bar to enjoy a special sake tasting.

月桂冠大倉記念館と内蔵酒造場 in Japan


Address    247 Minamihama-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto 612-8660 JAPAN

AccessAccess Map>>
5 or 7-minute walk from the Keihan Line Chushojima Station.
10 or 15-minute walk from the Kintetsu Kyoto Line Momoyama Goryo-mae Station.

Hours9:30AM to 4:30PM
Closed: New Year holidays and O-Bon Festival (August).

AdmissionAdults (¥300), Children aged 12-17 (¥100), Children aged 0-11 (free)
Please make reservations in advance for group visits.TEL+81-(0)75-623-2056

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