Visit Center of Japanese Martial Arts in Kyoto, Budoku den.

Visit the center of Japanese Martial Arts Kyoto ,where the place even GHQ was afraid.

Japanese martial arts is the enormous variety of martial arts native to Japan.

The historical origin of Japanese martial arts can be found in the warrior traditions of the samurai and the caste system that restricted the use of weapons by members of the non-warrior classes. Originally, samurai were expected to be proficient in many weapons, as well as unarmed combat, and attain the highest possible mastery of combat skills, for the purpose of glorifying either themselves or their liege.


is one of the origin of BUDO since 1895, occasion of the 1,100 year anniversary of the transferring of the Japanese capitol to Kyoto (Heian-kyo), and as part of the building of Heian-jingu, the Butokuden construction began. It was originally meant as a demonstration platform for the Butokukai. It was completed in 1899 on the north-west side of the Heian-jingu complex. If was then also designated as a school for training Martial Arts teachers (later it would become the Budo Senmon Gakko).

After the war GHQ dissolved the Butokukai, closed the Budo Senmon Gakko, and the occupying troups confiscated the building. In 1951 Kyoto City bought the Butokuden and it was used by Kyoto Police academy from 1952 until it was closed in 1956. From then on the building was used by the Kyoto City University of Arts music club. (When I was primary school, I was participating this music class!!)
In 1980, after the Kyoto City University Arts music club was closed down, Kyoto City wondered what to do with the now unused Butokuden. The All Japan Kendo Federation (ZNKR) and the Kyoto Kendo Federation made an appeal to the city, the result of which was that the Butokuden would be saved for future generations. In 1983 the building was appraised as a great example of a large wooden structure from the Meiji period and was designated a Kyoto City Tangible Cultural Property. Furthermore, in 1996 is was designated a Japanese Important Cultural Property.

It was in this manner that the Butokuden has been passed down to our generation today and still serves as a place to demonstrate and practise budo.

Every May, from the 2nd-6th, the Butokuden serves as the focus for the Zen Nippon Embu Taikai (also popularly known as the Kyoto Taikai). About 3,000 people (minimum grade is Renshi 6dan) come from all over Japan, and from various countries all over the world, to display the results of their kendo training in the past year.

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So now you can visit this prestigious arts martial arts festival. Actually Entrance fee is free. But Please be modest and sage to watch high level beautiful martial arts. It is the tresure place..

Kyoto Budoku Den

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