What they wearing Kimono? Yukata 浴衣

af0100010390lA yukata 浴衣  is an unlined cotton garment sometimes referred to as a casual or summer kimono. Yukata are worn in Japan during the summer in casual settings. Traditional Japanese garments are worn less frequently today than they were historically, and depending on where in Japan one is, there may not be very many people in yukata out in public. Like the formal kimono, this garment is simply cut, with straight seams and roomy sleeves.

The word “yukata” literally means “bathing clothes.” These garments were originally worn after bathing, and were eventually adopted for casual wear in other settings. Today, many traditional Japanese inns, known as ryokan, provide these traditional garments and appropriate accessories for their guests along with other traditional touches which are meant to remind guests of Japan’s rich cultural history.

ion yukata

At Ryokan, you can wear them outside of your room as long as you stay in the ryokan inn interior. (even in super Sento too) The inside of the ryokan is a place for guests to relax, so you are invited to make yourself comfortable in a yukata robe and slippers. In general, it is not accepted to go outside of the ryokan in a yukata robe, but if the ryokan is located in a hot spring resort area (“onsengai”), sometimes it is ok to walk around outside in a yukata robe. Make sure to check with the ryokan staff.

Next post I will tell you the where to buy Yukata at Kyoto

How to wear Yukata

Japans Yukata Trends by ION (Biggest supermarket chain in Japan. it is quite fashionable)


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